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Snow Fall town

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Snow Fall town

Post by Leader Freakpanda on Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:45 am

The Snow Fall town sits at the root of the mountain. It seems that it is always snowing, but there is a short period of time during the summer when the snowing stops and the snow melts, revealing beatiful grasslands under the snow. The reason why it snows so much is because all the cold air and snow falls from the top of the mountain to the town.

The town is surrounded by massive pine trees that are covered in snow. You can see all kinds of Ice-type pokemons walking near the town and some of them even venture inside the town. The town itself is rather quiet, with few log cabins. There is a lake behind the town, but it is frozen. At the center of the town is the Pokémon Center, but it is different from other Centers you've seen. It is rather large, and there is always smoke rising from the chimneys. Inside it looks like ordinary Center, but there are separate rooms for showers and large saunas.

Next to the Pokémon Center is the Ice-gym. Atleast you think it is the gym. It is an oval shaped and has grandstand for watching the battle. But the gym doesn't have a roof! The temperature inside the gym is almost the same as outside and the snow keeps falling inside the gym. In the middle you can see rather large man with massive walrus mustache training with his Pokémon. When you ask him, is he the gym leader, he lets out roaring laughter and answers yes. Your newest challenge is about to begin and you better hurry up before your fingers freeze!

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