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Welcome to Hallow Town!

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Welcome to Hallow Town! Empty Welcome to Hallow Town!

Post by Leader Spyder on Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:36 am

Welcome to Hallow Town! The spookiest place in the Pinko Region! The whole town is enveloped in a cool mist, and any visitors find this creepy and eerie, whilst its residents have come to accept it and are now calmed by the mist. Many of the buildings in Hallow town seem very old, as if a single gust of wind will turn them to dust. This is just the doing of the people of the town, signing a document saying "I want my town to be spooky". The insides of these buildings are in fact quite modern in design. The town has, for some reason, attracted many ghost type Pokemon. Most are harmless, but some abduct and drain the life force of people, which is why they have an orphanage. Any child found unattended in the town is brought to the orphanage by law. Of course, there is an eerie old church near the gym with a large graveyard behind it. This grave yard houses most of the dead in the Pinko region. It is surrounded by eerie forests, filled with equally eerie Pokemon. Most trees of this forest are secretly Trevenants. The history of this spooked-up town started with Daniel Hallows, a notorious ghost type hunter that loathed all ghost types. One day, these spiritual creatures had had enough. The man was stalked by a Lampent, a Banette, a Trevenant, a Spiritomb, a Mismagius and a Gourgheist. The legend differs at this point: some believe the one that lead the charge was Darkai itself, others believe it was an amazingly powerful Gengar. Or even Darkrai disguised as a Gengar. One thing we know: the corpse of Daniel Hallows was buried in concrete in the centre of the Hallow Town church. Why name the town after a terrible man such as him? So he won't try to come back.
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