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Vidal Rosario (FINISHEDDDDD)

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Vidal Rosario (FINISHEDDDDD) Empty Vidal Rosario (FINISHEDDDDD)

Post by Leader Eden on Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:49 am

[center]Vidal Rosario (FINISHEDDDDD) Place image here (Optional)

Name (Surname, Forename) Vidal K. Rosario

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 15 years old

Starter Pokemon: Chimchar

Love Interest: None at the moment

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Heterosexual

Appearance: Vidal is a short, yet built person. He is 5'8 and weighs about 155 lbs. Vidal has light brown eyes and black hair, which is swept over to the right in a comb over with the sides and back shaved. Vidal's skin complexion falls between tan and dark. Always dressed to impress, Vidal sports a light blue long sleeve polo shirt, slim fitting khakis, and light blue mid top shoes.

Personality: Vidal is an extreme extrovert, always living for the moment. His views on life are always humorous, so he is always able to make a joke out every and any given situation he finds himself in. Vidal is a very hard working person that is determined to learn something new everytime he practices, but is not afraid of cutting himself some slack and taking a few easy days off from time to time. Around people, he is generally friendly, capable of making small talk with most of the people he meets. He is also humble and is not afraid to admit when another trainer is right or better than him. Despite this, he is also slightly cocky, not wanting to admit a failure or defeat.

History: Vidal was born and raised in Anchorville two to regular parents that'd never been involved with Pokémon. As a child, Vidal never had much to do. Go to school, eat, watch tv, sleep, a pretty average life. He'd always dreamed of becoming a Pokémon trainer, but his parents had always been extremely cautious and overprotective, never approving of his lifelong dream. After many failed attempts of trying to capture Pokémon (which his parents would always thwart in some way), Vidal gave up on his dream coming true. Until one day.

One day Vidal was sitting at home, watching TV, doing the same old routine he'd been doing for the past fifteen years of his life. His mother told him that an uncle of his from the Sinnoh Region would be coming to visit and that he'd have a surprise for Vidal. Initially uncaring of his uncle's visit, Vidal paid little attention to what his mother had told him, and continued watching TV.

Later that day, his uncle arrived with a Chimchar accompanying him. His mother and father told Vidal that after a lot of thinking, they'd decided that they'd think it was alright for him to go out and explore the world, like his cousin. They'd felt bad that they'd tried to hole up Vidal for most of his life and decided it was finally time for him to take control of his own life. His uncle gave over Chimchar to Vidal, giving him the basic instructions to battling and capturing Pokémon. After that, Vidal was free to go, destined to make a reputation for himself.

Dream/Goals: Vidal's dream are the same as they always have been. To become one of the greatest trainers one day. To capture many Pokémon, and have his name known to all. Another goal of Vidal is to defeat his cousin, who happens to be one of the gym leaders.

Miscellaneous: Kidd, the Dragon Breath Pass Gym Leader is Vidal's cousin.

Fighting Style: Vidal believes overpowering your enemy is the way to go. He will try to finish you off in one hit, coming at you with all the strength he can muster. He also like to exploit weaknesses, using Pokémon types to his advantage.

Have You Read the Rules?
Do I really have to answer this?....
Leader Eden
Leader Eden

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Vidal Rosario (FINISHEDDDDD) Empty Re: Vidal Rosario (FINISHEDDDDD)

Post by Leader Shizu on Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:06 pm

Nope, never, nada. You haven't even read the rules.

Just Kidding, haha.

Leader Shizu
Leader Shizu

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Vidal Rosario (FINISHEDDDDD) Empty Re: Vidal Rosario (FINISHEDDDDD)

Post by Champion Myra on Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:56 am


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Champion Myra
Champion Myra

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Vidal Rosario (FINISHEDDDDD) Empty Re: Vidal Rosario (FINISHEDDDDD)

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