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How to catch a pokemon/battle

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How to catch a pokemon/battle  Empty How to catch a pokemon/battle

Post by Champion Myra on Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:09 pm

When battling or catching a pokemon, follow the basic pokemon rules.
- type advantages MATTER. It's very unlikely a fire type pokemon could beat a team of water type.
- levels MATTER, again, a level 15 bulbasaur probably won't beat a level 35 pikachu.
- try not to god mod for goodness sakes.

So here's an example of how catching a wild pokemon would go...

Myra was walking down the shady path on her way to Millville town to face another gym leader! She had restored her pokemon in the last town and was feeling really good about her team. Myra was carrying her beloved vulpix, snuggling her as they walked. Soon, the path was blocked by tall grass! Myra looked down at her vulpix and asked softly, "Ready to do this?" Vulpix nodded and chattered "pix! Pix!"

Myra walked warily into the tall grass, hating how it felt on her legs when she heard a low growl. Myra spun around to face a rather chubby poliwhirl. "Yikes, this battle isn't for you vulpix! You can sit this one out okay? Bulbasaur, I choose you!" Myra threw the poke all and her handsome bulbasaur appeared sleepily. "Bulbasaur, use tackle!" Bulbasaur went running towards the poliwhirl, slamming into him causing the poliwhirl to stagger back. The poliwhirl suddenly shot a beam of water towards the pair, bulbasaur avoided it and Myra got soaked. Groaning Myra said, "bulbasaur use razor leaf!" Bulbasaur nodded and whipped up a cloud of leaves that cut poliwhirl up pretty badly. Poliwhirl staggered, then fell over. "Yay!" Myra said pumping her fist with victory. She reached into her bag and threw a pokemon at the tuckered out poliwhirl. There was a flash of red and it disappeared into the pokeball. "Welcome to the team!" Myra said with a smile.
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