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Nikki Brown

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Nikki Brown Empty Nikki Brown

Post by Champion Myra on Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:49 am

Are you a boy or a girl?
- Girl

Name: Nikki Brown

Age: 18

Starter Pokemon: Snivy

Love Interest:

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Straight

Appearance: Nikki Brown 10191f00c86a862b436b4a4a7d30d084

Personality: Nikki is a bad girl, she tends to break any rule you put in front of her for fun. She enjoys picking fights and will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means cheating. She was sent to a junivinile detention center when she was 14 for breaking into someone's house. When she turned 18 she was released because she was legally an adult. She doesn't have any family - she was disowned when she went to juvy. Although she has bad behavior she's an exteremely intelligent girl, which is why she was able to get away with so many crimes.

History: Nikki had a good childhood, she had a nice family and a nice house. However sometimes a person is just born bad. She constantly beat up her siblings and her classmates. Nikki loves the thrill of a good fight. She enjoys breaking stuff, especially things that don't belong to her. Due to her rather cute appearance she can trick people into thinking she's innocent rather easily. Nikki is a pro con artist and that's how she gets most of her belongings. After she got out of juvy she moved to the Pinko region to start over - well at least begin her reign of stealing and nonsense. She heard that team rocket had a headquarters in Pinko and wants to join.

Dream/Goals: To join team rocket and work her way up the ladder to become a top member.

Fighting style: Nikki plays dirty, usually attacking out of turn. She enjoys posioning her opponent. Nikki has been physically attacked the other trainer during a battle.

Miscellaneous: Nikki has a Seviper from her childhood who travels with her.

Have You Read the Rules?
Type: ''I want to be the very best!'' if you really have read the rules

I am the creator of this site ~~
Nikki Brown B0D1E31F-91B2-4B08-8A8E-7F5F858921DA_zpsyzssscea
Nikki Brown F465661B-64CA-4F8F-9FD6-76410F4ABA5E_zpsbv7bibn0
Champion Myra
Champion Myra

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Nikki Brown Empty Re: Nikki Brown

Post by Leader Eden on Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:40 pm

HAWT. Soooo hawtttttt <3.

Leader Eden
Leader Eden

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