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Freakpanda's lair

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Freakpanda's lair

Post by Leader Freakpanda on Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:04 pm

Once you manage to open the large wooden doors, you feel a cold chill. The temperature in the room seems to be colder than average. You notice that the roof is much higher than normal. When you look around you realize everything is bigger and taller than average. The chairs, the mirror, the doors, the desk... Behind the desk sits rather large man. He is sitting on a comfortable chair and he seems to be rather busy, his fingers constantly hitting the keyboard. His attention sifts from the screen to you. He has warm and tired look in his eyes. ''Yes? Do you need any help? And no, I won't turn on the heat, I like it when its cold'' He gets up and you notice that he is a GIANT! He goes to take some mulled wine before returning to his seat. ''Gingerbread?'' He suddenly asks. He is holding a large gingerbread in his hand. ''No? You are weird... Oh well, take a seat.'' He says and eats the gingerbread himself and takes a sip of his cup. ''My name is Freakpanda by the way, but Freak or Panda work just fine'' he adds.

As you sit in on rather large chair you notice few paintings on the wall that all have the same trait: They all have snowy landscape. What a strange office...

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