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Post by Leader Shizu on Sun Nov 09, 2014 10:40 pm

Many floors below the Office of Administrator Myra, there's a corridor completely carved out of stone. At the end was a cave mouth of impenetrable blackness, as you step in you watch a shadow dissolve into the surrounding darkness. It's dank and the only sound is that of dripping water. Once you gather your courage and continue down further into the depths, a colossal wooden door with the words, 'Flames of the Sun' engraved above. With shaking hands, you take hold of the chilling steel handles and swing open one of the two great doors, quickly greeted with a cloud of smoke. The walls are decorated with tapestries and torches, along with the occasional splat of blood. At the very back of the cave is an enormous stained-glass window that resembled flames. Then you catch a glance of a girl in the center, staring at you.

Scales cold as ice blaze bright as an ever flickering flame. Eyes that turn skin into a sickly pallor, claws able to lacerate even the sturdiest to mere ribbons of flesh and bone. Blood so black that night held an intense radiance that could blind your eyes. With her tongue she could smell your dread and taste your fear.  She's dressed in a black suit of armor that is almost as tough as her scales. She holds a wisdom like no other and yet expresses a toxic greed. Her bed is crafted from jewels, gold, and the many treasures she stole. Always trapped in slumber, unless she went to quench the hunger she could not satisfy, or when one was stupid enough to face or question her. She yawned and looked up, smiling widely to feast o- I mean, greet you. "Welcome to my lair, peasant. Is it riches you seek? In gold or wisdom?" She asked and sat cross-legged, her scaly arms crossed. "Let us ea- I mean, discuss. Have a question? Ask away!"
Leader Shizu
Leader Shizu

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