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Myra's office

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Myra's office  Empty Myra's office

Post by Champion Myra on Sun Nov 09, 2014 12:40 pm

A sign on the door reads "Myra's office, please come in with any questions or concerns."

You open the door to be overwhelmed by the smell of cigarette smoke and the sound of loud heavy metal music. The room has black and purple walls, with a dark wooden floor. The walls are decorated by long banners. One banner is ciel phantomhive and his butler Sebastian draped around him protectively. Another banner is the Elric brothers posing happily. You see a large banner of the members of the ouran high school host club.... With kiss marks all around tamaki?! Finally the biggest banner of all is a large soul eater banner, with the whole gang. One wall has a huge chart of all the pokemon, with some of them highlighted and circled. There's a small notepad with some stats written down.

The desk is black with gold detailing and Myra is sitting back in a lush chair, her combat boots resting on the desk. There's a filled ashtray and a trash can filled with empty Mountain Dew bottles and empty packs of cigarettes. There's a plaque on her desk that reads "I'm the boss" next to a bright red button that says "bullshit" on top. Myra is wearing black leggings and a tight black tanktop. Her hair is bright purple and styled to be full and poofy, with deep full bangs. She's wearing black lipstick that makes her pale skin look even paler. She has long false eyelashes on that compliment her heavy black eye make up and her bright, green eyes. Her double nose piercing sparkled in the dim lighting. Due to her outfit you can see a majority of her numerous tattoos, including her realistic monarch butterfly tattoo on her chest, her black and grey hair cutting shears on her forearm and her traditional style heartbreaker tattoo on her arm. She seems bored as she takes a drag off of her menthol cigarette. A fat black cat crawls out from under her desk and meows at you loudly. Myra rolls her eyes and tosses some catnip at him. After a few moments she takes her feet off of her desk and scoots closer to her desk ashing her cigarette. "So...what can I help you with?"

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Champion Myra
Champion Myra

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Myra's office  Empty Re: Myra's office

Post by Leader Spyder on Fri Nov 14, 2014 7:34 am

An ebony note slides under the door with chrome lettering. "Get ready. Get spooked. Fly off that handle. Bring pie." ~Spyder On the back of the card is the floor number B23.
Leader Spyder
Leader Spyder

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