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Mimi Nutt (completed)

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Mimi Nutt (completed) Empty Mimi Nutt (completed)

Post by Leader Freakpanda on Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:09 am

Are you a boy or a girl?

Name Nutt, Mimi

Age: 15

Starter Pokemon: Bulbasaur (Her parents gave it to her to protect and 'calm' her)

Love Interest:

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Bisexual

(trying to find picture)
Appearance: Mimi is fairly short, standing at 5'3 feet/161 cm. She only weighs 114 lbs/52 kg. She has short brown hair and large green eyes with crazy gleam in them. Her face is cute, with short nose and small mouth that is almost always smiling. She has one silver stud in both of her ears. Her skin is fairly tanned from hours spent outside. She usually wears T-shirt, a pair of shorts and sandals.

Personality: Mimi is extremely active and can't stay put for long time(she even sleep walks). She always acts before thinking which usually causes her trouble. She is interested in everything, from staring at clouds to Pokémon genetics.

History: Mimi used to live in a big city, but her parent's soon moved to more quiet Anchorville, because of Mimi's personality. They hoped she would calm down, but that didn't happen. She is wilder than before. Now that she is leaving to explore the world, her parent's are secretly grateful.

Dream/Goals: Becoming a researcher. No a cop! No, a nurse! No wait, the best trainer in the world! Or maybe a researcher...

Fighting style: ''What is a strategy?''

Miscellaneous: WARNING! Do not give Mimi coffee or any other stimulants, she goes into hyper mode if given. Her parents gave her coffee by accident when she was 8. Next thing they found her rodeo a wild Tauros.

Have You Read the Rules?
''I want to be the very best!''

PS. First time doing girl character... Let see how this works...
Leader Freakpanda
Leader Freakpanda

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Mimi Nutt (completed) Empty Re: Mimi Nutt (completed)

Post by Champion Myra on Thu Oct 30, 2014 2:03 pm

She's very cute! Accepted!
Champion Myra
Champion Myra

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