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Flying Elite 4 Member, Aero Stalone

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Flying Elite 4 Member, Aero Stalone Empty Flying Elite 4 Member, Aero Stalone

Post by E4 Verethragna on Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:42 pm


Name: Stalone, Aero (Flying Leader of the Elite 4)

Age: 19

Starter Pokemon: (Name of Move: Move Type Move Power/Move Accuracy)
Dragonite LV80: Dragon/Flying
Moves- (Draco Meteor: Dragon 130/90) (Fireblast: Fire 110/85 30% chance to cause a burn) (Ice Beam: Ice 90/100 20% chance to freeze the target) (Thunderbolt: 90/100 20% chance to paralyze the target)
Ability- Regenerator (When this Pokemon switches out, it recovers 1/3 of its max HP.)
Togekiss LV80: Fairy/Flying
Moves- (Moon Blast: Fairy 95/100 30% chance to lower opponent’s special attack) (Psychic: Psychic 90/100 10% chance to lower opponent’s Special Defense)  (Night Daze: Dark 85/95 40% chance to lower accuracy) (Synchronoise: Psychic 120/100 Always hits an opponent that shares the user’s attribute)
Ability- Motor Drive (This Pokemon is immune to all Electric-type attacks, including Thunder Wave, and if an Electric-type attack hits this Pokemon, it receives a one-level Speed boost.)
Gyarados LV80: Water/Flying
Moves- (Surf: Water 90/100) (Hydro Pump: Water 120/80) (Earthquake: Ground 100/100) (Outrage: Dragon 120/100 Lasts 2 or three turns before causing confusion)
Ability- Intimidate (Lowers opponent’s attack stats by one stage each)
Skarmory LV80: Steel/Flying
Moves- (Meteor Mash: Steel 90/90 20% chance to raise attack) (Metal Burst: Steel -/100 1.5x the attack power of enemy’s last attack) (Aero Blast: 100/95 high critical hit ratio) (Earthquake: Ground 100/100)
Ability- Light Metal (Weight is halved [making the pokemon faster])
Gliscor LV80: Ground/Flying
Moves- (Earthquake: Ground 100/100) (Stone Edge: 100/80) (Aero Blast: 100/95 high critical hit ratio) (Acrobatics: Flying 55/100 doubles attack power if there is no held item)
Ability- Speed Boost (While this Pokemon is active, its Speed increased by one stage at the end of every turn; the six stage maximum for stat boosts is still in effect.)
Aerodactyl LV85: Rock/Flying
Moves- (Stone Edge: Rock 100/80) (Fireblast: Fire 110/85 30% chance to cause a burn) (Aero Blast: Flying 100/95 high critical hit ratio) (Outrage: Dragon 120/100 lasts 2 or 3 turns before causing confusion)
Ability- Pure Power (Attack damage is permanently doubled)

Love Interest: None ATM

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Straight/Romantic

Aero Stalone:
Flying Elite 4 Member, Aero Stalone 263409

It wouldn’t be incorrect to call Aero a dreamer. He’s always got his head stuck in the clouds, oblivious to the happenings of far below. When he isn’t daydreaming, Aero is usually caught up in a pokemon battle, which is his only other true love in this world filled with strange creatures. Aero is very kindhearted and always trying to find the best in people, because of this and his being incredibly handsome, he is a really popular person. Even those who are jealous of his abilities and status can’t help but accept his kind allure.
Aero has but one major flaw, his claustrophobia. Being shoved into dark and musty mineshafts and caves does have the ability to do that to people after all.

Ever since Aero was born, he dreamed of flying high in the sky. But his feelings were never given proper respect. Aero’s father is the owner of the largest mining and fossil corporation in all of Pinko, and, because of his father’s infatuation with the mysteries found in the ground, Aero was often forced into mineshafts and fossil labs to learn everything about his father’s corporation, which he didn’t enjoy one bit. On Aero’s 10th birthday, his father gave him a present that changed his life forever.
One day, deep in the mines underneath Turn Around Cave, Aero was exploring a cave that had just opened up after drilling. Inside the cave, one of the unexplored areas of Turn Around Cave, Aero found a large, winged pokemon encased in a jeweled rock. When he went to get his father to show him what he found, his father was incredibly delighted, and Aero though that was the last he would ever see of the beautiful winged fossil. On his tenth birthday, friends of his from town showed up to celebrate and gave him presents, but there were none from his father or mother. He knew he wasn’t neglected and that they had a big surprise in mind for him, but he never would have expected what he found.
Aero and his young friends gathered around a large oak table in the backyard of his family’s mansion. They sky was barren and beautiful, not one single cloud could be seen rolling in the stratosphere, but that didn’t bother Aero one bit, all he cared about was the beautiful blue-painted sky. It entranced him, engulfed him like waves in the ocean. The party had already progressed past the birthday song and cake, and found itself time to open presents, of which there were none from his parents. Peculiar. He got a stuffed Pidgey plushy from one friend, a new video game from another, and cash from another, things progressed like this for about ten minutes since there were over 50 kids present. One of his friends (of whom one he didn’t know that his father was a commander in Team Rocket) gave  him a masterball! All the kids ooo’d and aaahhhh’d while Aero held up his prize that he would never use, but that wasn’t the best thing.
Loud screeching pierced the mild air and caused all of the kids to cover their ears. But Aero didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to hear the beautiful flapping of large wings, and the involuntary action of covering his ears would have made him shut his eyes, so he wouldn’t be able to see the beautiful brown beast that was descended and landed on the giant oak table. It was an aerodactyl, but, more accurately, it was the very aerodactyl Aero had found that day in the mines a month ago, and his father was riding on its back with a queasy look plastered to his face. He was scared of heights and he just flew in on an aerodactyl, just to commit to a flashy entrance.
That aerodactyl was Aero’s ticket to travel to world on a adventure, like his father had before him, and to eventually become the Flying Type Elite 4.

Dream/Goals: Aero’s dreams have already been realised, to fly higher than any other trainer in the Pinko Region as the Flying Type Elite 4.

Fighting style:
Aero fights strategically, his eagle-eyes constantly scanning the field, observing every muscle twitch of his opponent, and discerning the best course of action for the situation at hand. His fighting ability led Aero to being undefeated in trainer matches and to challenge the previous elite four, where he won a spot at 16 years of age in Pinko region’s newest elite 4, with a new champion and new members. Aero will analyze things and predict where a battle will be up to 30 seconds in the future, and his predictions are so accurate that he is known as “absolutely one of the strongest in the world” since no one else has mastered this technique. His skill is rather similar to how people play chess, just with a lot more action, moves, and pressure.

Miscellaneous: N/A

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“I wanna be the very best!”
E4 Verethragna
E4 Verethragna

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Flying Elite 4 Member, Aero Stalone Empty Re: Flying Elite 4 Member, Aero Stalone

Post by Champion Myra on Wed Oct 29, 2014 10:47 pm

I guess since shizu didn't I will..... ACCEPTED!
Champion Myra
Champion Myra

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