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Gym leader Sakura Bloom

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Gym leader Sakura Bloom Empty Gym leader Sakura Bloom

Post by Champion Myra on Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:09 am

Are you a boy or a girl?
- girl
Name : Sakura Bloom

Age:  17

Grass gym team:
Level 27 Bellossom - solar beam [120|100%]- razor leaf [55|95%] - toxic [90%] -mega drain [40|100%]
Level 26 Sunflora - bullet seed [25|100%] -razor leaf [55|95%] -flower shield [raises defense] -pound [40|100%]
level 26 Deerling - leech seed [90%] -jump kick [100|95%] -take down [90|85%] -shadow ball [90|85%]
level 27 shaymin  -earth power [90|100%] -magical leaf [60] -swift [60|100%]-facade [70|100%]
Level 27 Roserade -venoshock [65|100%] -fury cutter [40|95%] -toxic [90%] -sleep powder [75%]
Level 28 Whimsicott -gust [40|100%] -fairy wind [40|100%]-dream eater [100|100%] -giga drain [75|100%]

Love Interest:

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Straight

Appearance: Gym leader Sakura Bloom AF68105E-ABF3-450B-A936-1D4C376D9419_zpsrefosfky

Personality: Sakura is a kind, gentle girl. She speaks quietly, but thoughtfully. She has a very gentle feel to her, even with her movements. If she isn't smiling she is usually deep in thought. She enjoys nature, and deeply believes in taking care of the planet. She believes all things are connected, and by taking care of the planet you are taking care of everyone. You'll usually find her tending the plants in the village with her kind pokemon. She usually leaves out food in the town for the pokemon to eat. She makes sure everyone in the village is happy and cared for, and if anyone needs anything they know they can come to her for help.

History: Sakura was born in Sakura village and named after the small, beautiful town. Her mother was the gym leader and her father studied grass pokemon. She learned much from her parents and uses that knowledge to help others and herself become a better grass pokemon trainer. On her 17th birthday she was given leadership of the gym from her parents. They now live in a beautiful home by the grassy meadow where they raise packs of deerlings and skiddos. It's been said they even give pokemon to trainers who seem pure of heart. Sakura visits her family every single day.

Dream/Goals: Sakura is content with being a gym leader, she has no need to further her pokemon career. She's proud of her accomplishments of being a gym leader so young. She wants to further learning about grass pokemon, and running her little pokemon haven in her gym. She finds her happiness through the happiness of pokemon.

Fighting style: Sakura is a big user of status problem moves. She will posion, paralyze and put your pokemon to sleep!

Miscellaneous: (Additional information of any importance that does not belong to any other category can be placed here)

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Champion Myra
Champion Myra

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Gym leader Sakura Bloom Empty Re: Gym leader Sakura Bloom

Post by Leader Rage on Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:34 pm

Leader Rage
Leader Rage

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