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Leader Kidd, the Legend (FINALLY FINISHED!)

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Leader Kidd, the Legend (FINALLY FINISHED!) Empty Leader Kidd, the Legend (FINALLY FINISHED!)

Post by Leader Eden on Sun Oct 26, 2014 7:48 pm

Gender: Male

Name: Kidd, the Legend

Age: 15

Starter Pokemon: Kingdra (level 51), Salemence (level 51), Dragonite (level 53), Flygon(level 55), Garchomp (level 57), and Altaria (level 59).

Love Interest: None at the moment.

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Heterosexual

Appearance: Kidd is 5'9 and weighs 150 pounds. His hair is black, and is styled up into a Mohawk with three lines shaved on the side. Kidd has light brown eyes, and a skin complexion that is slightly lighter than olive. When in gym attire, he wears a light grey winter coat, black jeans, and grey boots. When outside of his gym, he wears a light blue and red long sleeve shirt with a picture of an Altaria on it, black jeans, and black combat boots. He always has on a pair of glasses that are prescription.

Personality: Kidd is an extremely cocky, cruel, reserved, introvert. When in the gym, he'll usually boast of his accomplishments, making himself known to the other opponent. He has a humorous attitude that carries over into his battles, whether the humor be lighthearted or dark. He has a slightly sadistic side, showing pleasure in the defeat or panic of his opponents. Kidd hates to admit defeat, and will spew insulting remarks at his opponent in an attempt to win. However, he is not above admitting when he loses, and will even congratulate his opponent for their victory. Outside of the gym, he's a bit more endearing, but keeps his cruel demeanor with him. He cares for the well being of others despite not showing much emotion to any situation he finds himself in. He is very quiet to strangers. When someone befriends him, he opens up much more to them and can be a very kind person.

History: Kidd was always involved around Pokémon, more specifically dragon types. He had his first experience at the tender age of 3 years old, when his mother introduced him to Swablu. Swablu was never really used for any battling or even contests, just more as a family companion. But that didn't matter to Kidd, and he took care of Swablu anyways, training with her whenever he got the chance.

Kidd never knew his father and only had his mother around. His mother was the best trainer in their town and was the gym leader. Her legacy was expected to be carried on by Kidd whenever it was his turn to takeover. Because of this, his mother always pressured him to be the best trainer possible. However, she was always a ruthless and cruel person, due to the absence of his father, and so her training on Kidd was usually abusive. She taught him that the world is a cold and cruel place, and that he can't afford to show anyone mercy. Aware of the wrongness, Kidd tried to only pick up the positives in her teachings, but unfortunately couldn't block all the negatives out.

Enrolled in the top academy in his town at 10, Kidd was bullied for being one of the youngest out of all the students by 3 or 4 years. One day, Kidd had an assignment where he was told to bring in his favorite Pokémon. Initially, he wanted to bring in Swablu, but his mother tried to dissuade him. Disregarding his mother's desires, Kidd brought in Swablu anyways. Kidd was bullied and picked on for bringing in Swablu. Kidd was distraught and hurt by everyone's reactions, and shouted at them all, promising his Swablu would be the strongest Pokémon ever, and that he promised to defeat each and everyone in that room on at a time. When Kidd got home, his mother had been informed by his teachers of his actions. She yelled at him, angry that he had shown weakness in the face of all the students. His mother went further on to say that she'd had enough of him and was disowning him. She left that day, and Kidd was left all alone at their house. That was the last day he'd seen her.

Nobody else in the town had ever heard from his mother again, and so Kidd was handed position of gym leader immediately, despite being 10. He temporarily shut down the gym in order to train his Swablu, finish his studies at his academy, and catch more Pokémon to train. After advancing through the rankings at his academy, evolving his Swablu, capturing the other dragon types, and defeating everyone singlehandedly, he reopened the gym, intending to honor his mother's legacy.

Dream/Goals: Kidd's dream and goal is to be the best trainer in the entire world. He wants to be acknowledged by everyone as someone to be feared and respected. His mission is to find his mother and defeat her in a Pokémon battle to prove her wrong about his weakness.

Fighting style: Kidd is a firm believer in that speed kills, and that the only way to defeat an opponent is with overkill. When you battle him, you better make sure to be able to tank some hits, otherwise he won't give you a chance to attack. He'll come at everyone with a barrage of attacks, giving them no chance to react. If he's in danger of losing, he'll mock the other opponent, or do anything he can to make them let up.

Kidd has a contract that he demands every challenger accept before a battle commences, stating that they must accept his autograph, win or lose.

Kidd's favorite Pokèmon is Swablu.

Kidd legally changed his name to "Kidd, the Legend".

Have You Read the Rules?
''I want to be the very best!''

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Leader Kidd, the Legend (FINALLY FINISHED!) Empty Re: Leader Kidd, the Legend (FINALLY FINISHED!)

Post by Champion Myra on Tue Oct 28, 2014 9:22 pm

I love it.
Champion Myra
Champion Myra

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