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Description of Myra's Room! MUST READ

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Description of Myra's Room! MUST READ

Post by Champion Myra on Fri Oct 24, 2014 6:34 pm

When you enter the room you would probably expect to find a typical room with a chair for the boss and open space to battle, but man would you be wrong.
An entire ecosystem lays before your eyes! The room almost looks like a rainbow, but in actually it's the colors from all the little exhibits that Myra's eveelutions reside in!
Starting from the right side there is a raging fire in the fireplace, and the ground is heated rocks. A flareon lays sleeping next to the fire, content in it's little home.
Next to flareon is a little pond, complete with lilipads and a bubbling waterfall. The vaporeon happily wades in it all day long.
Next to vaporeon is a green wonderland, with dozens of blooming flowers and bushes. You can barely see the leafeon peeking from the bushes.
In the dead center there is Myra's seat, a rather childish pink plush chair. Behind her chair was a mini mountain, rigid and stiff, where her beloved jolteon rests. (Don't tell the others jolteon is Myra's favorite!)
Continuing on, the mini mountain has a cliff that extends quite a bit forming a makeshift cave, and if you enter you'll be attacked by a rather cranky umbreon! I suggest staying away.
Next up is an adorable little exhibit of plush stuffed animals?! Over large pillows and dolls crowd the area where Sylveon and espeon play together. There's even a little table with teacups so they can have tea parties.
Lastly in the corner there is a winter wonderland, even snow! A Glaceon resides here, blissfully playing in the snow.

Once you've regained your senses and overcome the shock of this eevee wonderland Myra will stop petting her little eevee and come to greet you. "Congratulations on making it this far! I want you to try your hardest in this battle okay? I'll tell ya what, I'll even heal your pokemon for you!" Myra will then heal your team free of charge and step back.

Are you ready to face the elite four champion?

Pokemon team: Level 95 Jolteon: thunder [120|70%] signal beam [75|100%] last resort [130|100%] dig [80|100%]
Level 95 Flareon: Fire blast [120|85%] Wish [restores hp up to half] superpower [120|100%] overheat [140|90%]
Level 96 Vaporeon: hydro pump [120|80%] Ice beam [95|100%] blizzard [120|70%] toxic [85%]
Level 96 Glaceon: blizzard [120|70%] hyper beam [150|90%] shadow ball [80|100%] iron tail [100|75%]
Level 97 Sylveon: moon blast [95|100%] draining kiss (restores hp) [50|100%] psyshock [80|100%] synchronize [120|100%]
Level 95 Leafeon: leaf blade [90|100%] toxic [90%] solar beam [120|100%] x-scissor [80|100]

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