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Deep Water Gym

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Deep Water Gym

Post by Leader Rage on Thu Oct 23, 2014 11:28 pm

The gym is located at the edge of town, near the exit to Sea Breeze Path. The gym itself is an aqua colored blue, that clashes with colors of the entrance, being a shining gold. Inside, you'll find a floor covered with sand, resembling a beach. The sand drops off about 20 feet from the door, met by 7 feet of salt water gathered from Sea Breeze Path. On the water you'll find seashells, 4 red shells, 3 blue shells, 5 greens one, and 2 yellow. These shells with provide a path for you if you can find the right path. If you look around the beach, you might be able to find the pattern. If you mess up, the shell with flip backward, sending you back to shore. Once you make it across, you're met with the gym leader, sleeping on his throne made out of sand and rocks. If you wake him, he'll ask what time it is. If you say anything before 12, he'll dose off and tell you come back later, if you say it's after 12, he'll blink, jump out of his chair and stand to face you. He'll hold out his pokeball, and announce, "Time to drown!"
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