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The Tombstone Gym

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The Tombstone Gym

Post by Leader Spyder on Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:08 pm

The Tombstone Gym is the home of Spyder Watson, the ghost type gym leader. The outside of it is nearly unseeable through the trees surrounding it, coupled with the mysterious mist and the unearthly lights of the Litwicks that inhabit the area. The gym itself is a dark stone shape covered in carvings done by expert Conkeldurr, with a large stone cross making up the entrance. The cross has a single gargoyle sitting on the top of it. Entering the gym is probably the spookiest experience possible, with trained Chandelures hanging from the ceiling and trees seeming to grow out of the walls. Nearly the entire gym is covered in a thick mist, adding to the spooky effects. The only way to get around the gym is to defeat the self proclaimed "spook trainers." And when I say  "self proclaimed", I mean that's what their gym leader calls them. The main challenge of the gym is that nearly every object and surface is possessed by a Haunter, making them move and become distorted, and sometimes even dangerous. The main challenge room is quite large and made from stone, like the rest of the gym. In the center stands an abnormally tall Trevenant, with Spyder Watson, the Gym Leader, nestled in the canopy. Behind them is a small cottage. Don't ask how they got it there, because it took a lot of effort and strange ghost manoeuvres. Grass peeks inbetween the stone slabs on the floor leading up to the main challenge area, then the slabs disappear altogether and is replaced by thick dark green grass with random patches if dirt. Even more trees sprout from the walls of this room, and the ceiling is covered in an illusion of a night sky. All of this is still covered in fog.
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