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Elite four champ Myra

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Elite four champ Myra Empty Elite four champ Myra

Post by Champion Myra on Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:35 pm

Elite four champ Myra 08A1DA02-AA40-4877-9688-F744FE3FF60A_zpsdgu8v903

Name: Myra Moon

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: 20

Pokemon team: Level 95 Jolteon: thunder [120|70%] signal beam [75|100%] last resort [130|100%] dig [80|100%]
Level 95 Flareon: Fire blast [120|85%] Wish [restores hp up to half] superpower [120|100%] overheat [140|90%]
Level 96 Vaporeon: hydro pump [120|80%] Ice beam [95|100%] blizzard [120|70%] toxic [85%]
Level 96 Glaceon: blizzard [120|70%] hyper beam [150|90%] shadow ball [80|100%] iron tail [100|75%]
Level 97 Sylveon: moon blast [95|100%] draining kiss (restores hp) [50|100%] psyshock [80|100%] synchronize [120|100%]
Level 95 Leafeon: leaf blade [90|100%] toxic [90%] solar beam [120|100%] x-scissor [80|100]

Love Interest: The only room in her heart is taken by her precious pokemon!

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Bisexual

Appearance: Elite four champ Myra C99CEF04-4E5C-4D51-B6A5-DBFBA044494E_zpsjle08d9d

Personality: Myra is pretty normal as far as people go. She's polite and well mannered, intelligent and likes to do things fairly. Her positive outlook got her far in the pokemon world and by the age of twenty she was the pokemon champion. She graciously accepted the offer to be the last member of the elite four. Through her journey she learned much about herself and the world of pokemon, spending her days off as an eevee breeder. Myra likes to go and give her eevees to passionate trainers she meets as she travels.

History: Myra was raised by a family of avid pokemon breeders. She was taught to be compassionate, and kind to all pokemon. She was won over by an eevee, which became a passion. From childhood she raised eevees with her family. When it came to evolving the eevees she would explain what each stone does and how it works to the eevee. Then, Myra would let the eevee decide what it wants to become. This made stronger, happier and easier to train pokemon! Her innovative breeding methods spread like wildfire. By the age of 15 Myra was awarded the regions breeder prize! Soon after receiving the prize she set out to face gym leaders! Her relationship with all of her pokemon was strong as steel, although her relationship with her jolteon is the strongest.


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Elite four champ Myra Empty Re: Elite four champ Myra

Post by Leader Rage on Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:36 pm

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